Welcome to The Nauty Shop!

Firstly, thank you for visiting! We like the cut of your jib!

We are a husband and wife team; two loose cannons who love everything Nautical! Ballyholme, Bangor natives; growing up with that sea air in our lungs, we're a little more pirate than sailor!

We're edging forward on this new adventure and we hope you'll join us along the way. As a new business we're just getting to know the ropes; so if you have any suggestions on products or clothing designs you would love, shake a leg and let us know.  

Any feedback or questions at all, give us a shot across the bows (an email will do) and we'll go hard and fast to get back to you!

So, feeling a little Mal de mer; anchors aweigh! 

(hopefully the chock-a-block of Nautical sayings hasn't shivered your timbers; maybe give us a wide berth...)